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ILFORD GALERIE FineArt Papers and the FineArt Album form a perfect team
for the realization of most demanding photographic works and presentations.


The ILFORD GALERIE FineArt albums are ideal for impressive presentations of photo series or to create lasting memories – for example wedding albums or maybe from the journey to the other end of the world? The ILFORD GALERIE papers and the excellent processing of bindings make sure they are still in „70 years plus X“ well preserved and regardless of the technica realities of the future, almost unchanged.

High quality down to the last detail

The ILFORD GALERIE FineArt albums also impress in detail with precision. The
holes are precisely aligned, the corners and edges are processed neatly. The heads of the screws are abrasion resistant and high gloss lacquered.

Perfectly worked

ILFORD has been known for more than
130 years as manufacturer of high quality
photo and inkjet papers. Of course
we also create our GALERIE FineArt
albums in the best quality craftsmanship
in all details.

Various media

ILFORD also offers a wide range of
FineArt media suitable for the albums.
Already punched and grooved all these
papers with fi nest surfaces and different
weights can be used with all ILFORD album

For big and small projects

In the event that the album is more extensive than expected and much more images are printed than planned, additional backs have already been added to the pack. With them albums up to. 100 pages can be realized.

No picture is like another

In order to take this pictorial tenet into account, ILFORD offers the GALERIE FineArt albums in four different formats, from 21x21cm to the large A3 + landscape format. With this you manage every project.

Everything in the package included

In addition to the screws and spine, all the necessary components are included in the package: the covers (front and back), two adjustment sheets plus two glassine protection sheets to protect your prints against damage.

A large number of ILFORD GALERIE FineArt papers are available for the ILFORD GALERIE FineArt albums.
Thus, almost all surfaces, structures and qualities can be used.