About Us

Papier pioneer Tecco today is a world wide operating, global player in the paper industry. Co-operations with well-known companies, the setting of norms and standards, and much more led to the reception into the oldest and most famous photo club in the world, the Royal Photographic Society (RPS). Today Tecco is seen as innovation leader and trend setter, for photo, fine art and proofing papers.


1980 – 1982

Founding Tecco by Werner Braun and Karl-Josef Frings in Cologne 
Regional sales of papers and supplies for the printing industry
Products in the year of the foundation:

T … Text printing systems
E … Elektrostatic papers
C … Carbonpapers
C … Chemotechnical supplies
O … Offsetinks

1982 – 1987

Move of the company headquarter to Bergisch Gladbach providing more office and storage space
European wide cooperation with Heidelberger Druckmaschinen
Core products:
Tecco direct-image-paperplates
Tecco offset chemistry
Tecco offset supplies
TeccoStat di-plate imager
AluTec metall plates and laser matt films
Presentation of Tecco at national shows (Orgatechnik)

1988 – 1991

Move and expansion of the headquarter to Cologne
Increased office and storage capacities
Growth of the international business with Tecco offset supplies
Introduction of master rolls and inks for digital copiers
International registration of the trademark „TECCO“

1992 – 1996

Set up of the converting equipment for the manufacture of paper- and polyester based media at Bergisch Gladbach
Introduction of the very first „mediaware ink-jet paper CM 50, 90 g, medium resolution, suitable for desk top printers up to 180/360 dpi resolution
International registration of the trademark „mediaware“
Introduction/build up of a complete assortment of many new ink-jet products in sheet and plotter rolls
Start period for the YIP/OEM business
Increase of production facilities at Bergisch Gladbach; expansion of the storage space
1997Introduction of the first BEST proofing paper: BEST Colorproof 100 Matt
Further expansion of the storage space at Bergisch Gladbach

1998 – 2000

Further expansion of the storage space and production facilities
Investment and installation of new converting equipment (rewinders and cutters)
Introduction of the mediaware Color Laser assortment
Participation on international trade fairs (Photokina 1998 and Drupa 2000)
Set up and clear focus on channel business
Appointment of distributors in all 5 continents

2001 – 2004

Further expansion of our production halls
Expansion of production capabilities with a 2 m slitter/re-winder with integrated Flexo press for simultaneous individual backside print for the further increase of the YIP/OEM-business
Installation of new half-automical re-winders
Further expansion of the storage space to totally 6 halls
Increase of sales staff for the German market
Tecco becomes DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified
Participation at the Photokina 2004
Retirement of the company founders Karl-Josef Frings and Werner Braun; Alfred Harder, Thomas Dyckerhoff and Markus Frings appointed to become managing directors

2005 – 2007

Installation of first fully-automatic re-winder
Investments to increase productivity of existing converting equipment
Participation at the Photokina 2006
Focus on national public relations
Increase of sales staff for EMEA markets
2008Installation of 2nd fully automatic rewinder (scheduled for autumn 2008)
Expansion of storage space (hall 7)
Introduction of media for Eco-/Mild Solvent printers
Rebranding of „mediaware“ into „TECCO:PAPER“
Focus on international public relations
Change of company name into „Tecco GmbH” (new company logo includes “living paper”)


Investments in new state of the art converting equipment (e.g. fully automatic core cutting machine and special labelling system for our YIP/OEM customers)
Tecco gains CoC (chain of custody) environmental certifications for FSC® and PEFC
Since 2009 available: PEFC and FSC certified TECCO:PAPER PHOTO, TECCO:PAPER PHOTO and TECCO:PAPER LASER printing media
2010TECCO:PHOTO papers receive certification by the independent Wilhelm Imaging Research institute (WIR).
The WIR certification confirms that Tecco papers are fulfilling the highest standards in light fastness and ageing resistance in combination with original Epson, Canon and HP inks.
2011Certified Qualitymanagement
Tecco becomes DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified
New Investments
Significant Investments into converting equipment to maintain and improve customized backprinting skills especially for backprinting ink-jet, laser and other substrates and media.


Participation at international fairs
• Drupa – the largest printing equipment exhibition in the world
3.-16.05.2012 in Düsseldorf
• Photokina – the world’s largest trade fair for the photographic and imaging industries
18. – 23.09.2012 in Cologne
• Salon de la Photo – the most important photo fair in France
8.-12.11.2012 in Paris
In May 2012 at Drupa TECCO introduced the new product range TECCO:PAPER DRYLAB. The TECCO:PAPER DryLab papers are specially developed for inkjet based, chemistry-free minilabs compatible with DryLabs of NORITSU, FUJI and EPSON.